Economics of International Migration



Instructions for the briefing note



Friday, October 17th – Rémi Bazillier


An overview of International Migration Flows


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Why do Individuals Emigrate and Analyzing the size and skill composition of Migration


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Friday, November 14th – Rémi Bazillier


Analyzing the Determinants of Migration Flows : the role of the Labour Market and Networks


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Is there a Welfare Migration ? The role of Social Protection


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The role of Migration Policies


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Tuesday, November 18th - Christine Fauvelle-Aymar


South – South Migration


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Monday, November 24th - Christine Fauvelle-Aymar



Impact of Immigration in Destination Countries : the Labour Market



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Tuesday, November 25th - Christine Fauvelle-Aymar


Assimilation and integration of immigrants in destination countries


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Friday, November 28th – Rémi Bazillier


Impact of Migration in Origin Countries : Brain Drain or Brain Gain ?


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Migration and International Trade : Complements or Substitutes


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The Economics of Remittances


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Conclusion : The Future of Migration


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